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This EP, Black Panties, is an array of original songs from my heart. Sometimes, I need to make clever lyrics and other times I just spit out what I am feeling at the moment regardless of how simple it is. Therefore, the miracle of the song "Wanna make some love" was born. Born from the simple desire to have sex. No other reason. Just over and over again, nothing else to say but I wanna make some love, with emotions of course.

The next song, Brand New Life, is an emotional plea to self. If you make a choice to be new and to create your own life you can start new. If you find someone that helps you come to this realization, you are more than blessed. If you come to this realization on your own, you are a miracle waiting to happen. Just make the decision to choose your way to a brand new life. This raw rendition of "Brand New Life" is a simple and pure vocal performance. Brilliant and inspirational.

The next song, "the small of my back" is a statement on how some men try so hard to please a woman. They buy elaborate gifts and in bed they think they have to be a super stud or some crazy love-machine. They think it's all about viagra or being a love-machine always ready to perform. Perform,perform. Okay, I get it. But some men don't fully understand that a woman wants to feel the spirit and emotion of their touch. It's extremely psychological. It's delicate. A kiss on "the small of my back" can be very powerful when it's coupled with a sense of care and a raw emotion. We can tell, when you are really into us. Yes, we can.

The next song is my original music set to some very familiar words. I've always loved the concept of grace and how amazing it is. I believe in God. I know many people who don't but still believe in grace. There is something universal about the concept. In this EP, I render my contemporary take on an old concept that will make you dance. It doesn't matter how much we've done, how awful we may have been to someone, how negative we have gotten, there is always grace that keeps us afloat. We just have to reach out and accept it, even though we don't feel we deserve it.

The next song, "Make it Work" is my plea to you to never ever give up on what you know to be your true positive destiny. If it is love with a person, you guys just need to make it work, keep trying, keep believing and just make it happen. If you have some issue of self improvement, that's doable. You can make it happen. "You can live your dreams" sounds like a cliche, but yes, you can make it work, like the lyrics of "Make It Work" says; "through faithfulness, your miracle will happen"

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released November 26, 2013

Songs written by Angie Coltrane. Except Amazing Grace lyrics, public domain.
Special Thanks to Nate and my friend Brian Cid for Engineering, Editing and Mixing at Sweet Sounds Studio in New York City.
Production, Engineering, Programming, Vocals and Piano by Angie Coltrane
Special Thanks to Lisa Lachot at Overdub Lane recording studios in Durham, NC.
Special Thanks to Eric Meyer, a bright cheery guitar player on Rolling Stone.
Special Thanks to Craig Akin, an awesome upright bass player on "Amazing Grace."
Special Thanks to Tim Mapp at Clarion Content Media for featuring me in their issue.



all rights reserved


Angie Coltrane Raleigh, North Carolina

Singer, songwriter, blogger, piano player, public speaker, painter, mother, friend, lover, poet, youtuber, billboard charting artist.

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Track Name: Brand New Life (LIVE)
"We get stuck with the belief of what we're not suppose to do
Or what people won't accept
Or maybe we're overwhelmed
I'm gonna break out of this rut
Create my life
I believe in your love, in your hope, in your positivity
You're my breakthrough baby, breakthrough friend, breakthrough lover, breakthrough King….

I get down on my knees but I keep forgetting that
It's all in the way that I see me…..
I deserve to choose my way into a brand new life!"